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‘Schools that integrate arts into their curriculum show improved student performance in maths, English, critical thinking and verbal skills’.  tate.org.uk

Art and design fosters experimentation, creativity, critical thinking and self-expression.  It gives children the freedom and choice to create something that is unique to them.  This self-expression and creativity can build confidence, create a sense of individual identity and support wellbeing and mental health.  In the world of work, creative skills are crucial to success in a global economy requiring a workforce that is knowledgeable, imaginative and innovative.  

Throughout time, art and design reflects and shapes our history and cultures.  Studying the arts also encourages awareness, empathy and appreciation of difference, diversity and the views of others.

At Tunbury, Art is an integral part of our curriculum, linking to themes and topics that children are learning.  Through exciting and inspirational sessions, children are engaged, challenged and motivated to become creative and expressive thinkers.

Art skills and knowledge are taught discretely, with an aspirational and engaging curriculum harnessing artistic appreciation alongside the development of personal skill and vocabulary knowledge.  In each year, we study key artists from different time periods, cultures and styles of art which have been chosen to link to our topics and art skills and knowledge.  Children study examples of the artists’ work to develop critical appreciation skills, as well as inspiration for their own artworks.

Art lessons give all children the opportunity to explore their creativity and imagination, while expressing their own ideas.  Art is taught as an expressive means of communication that builds confidence and creative thinking.  We value originality.

Pupil voice - what do Tunbury learners think about Art?

Y4 pupil: "Art is important as it can relieve stress and it is really calm."

Y6 pupil: “In art, I love how you can express what you’re thinking and feelings as there are different ways to do things.”

Y6 pupil: “Art shows you how to pay attention to details and understand how people feel or felt.”

Tunbury Art Curriculum Overview and Art Curriculum Progression

Please view our curriculum documentation to see how we have chosen to teach Art at Tunbury Primary School.

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Welcome to Term 4

The last day of Term 4 is Thursday 28th March 2024

The first day of Term 5 for pupils is Monday 15th April 2024 

(Monday 3rd June 2024 is an INSET Day, School is closed for pupils)