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Character Development

At Tunbury, we understand ‘character’ to mean ‘individual traits and strengths that enable someone to flourish at all stages of their lives’.  This is a key part of our school vision, inspiring children to be successful, independent life-long learners, as well as supporting their wellbeing.

We have chosen four character traits: Leadership, Resilience, Independence and Teamwork.  These traits are modelled and explicitly taught throughout the Tunbury curriculum. 

We believe that the systematic development of these character traits are important in our children’s lives, enabling them to:

·           push themselves further than they believed possible

·           develop confidence and leadership skills

·           deal with difficulties and set-backs in life

·           work effectively as with others

·           develop independence and drive to achieve their goals

Pupil voice – why is it important to teach character? 

Y5 pupil: “There is more to you than just school work.”

School council: “Character is how people will see you.”

School council: “They are good skills to know.  When you’re older, they will help you in life.”

Tunbury Character Development

Please view our documentation to see how we have chosen to teach character at Tunbury Primary School.

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Welcome to Term 6

The last day of Term 6 / Academic year is Tuesday  23rd July 2024