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The Tunbury Curriculum

The Tunbury Primary School vision and values are fulfilled throughout our curriculum, guiding children’s learning and personal development.

At Tunbury, we offer a rich, broad and engaging curriculum for our children.  We develop independent and resilient learners who are not afraid of making mistakes, will strive to achieve their best and who are equipped with tools for learning for life.  We want our children to be confident, inquisitive and to develop transferable skills.  In turn, they become respectful, responsible and reflective young people.

At Tunbury, children’s learning and well-being are at the forefront of every decision we make.  We provide our children with high quality teaching, built on positive relationships and accurate assessment. In a typical Tunbury lesson, teaching is responsive to children’s current knowledge, understanding and interests. Children are active learners, showing a high degree of involvement and responsibility for their own learning. Assessment for learning tools are used selectively and skilfully by adults and children, ensuring that learning is dynamic and responsive to individual needs.

Altogether, our Tunbury curriculum is crafted to provide our children with enjoyable and successful learning experiences, building their overall sense of well-being and achievement and enabling them to take their next steps with confidence and pride.

Tunbury Curriculum Overview

Our bespoke Tunbury curriculum has been in place since September 2019.  Revisions and updates by Tunbury subject leaders in July 2022 have improved the precision and cohesion of our curriculum, ready for the new academic year in September 2022. 

Please view our curriculum documentation to understand our curriculum design at Tunbury Primary School.  In addition to this whole-school information, we also have subject specific curriculum content at subject areas and year-group specific curriculum content at our year group pages.  For additional information about your child’s learning, please contact their class teacher.

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Welcome to Term 6

The last day of Term 6 / Academic year is Tuesday  23rd July 2024