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Weekly Bulletin: Friday 10th July 2020

Headteacher’s message for children at home
Hello everyone
Do you remember our 2020 ‘I can’ leaf?  In our first assembly of 2020, we thought about turning over a new leaf for the new year and turning I can’t into I can. 
 Back in January, we didn’t know just how much the world was going to change in 2020.  This year, we have all experienced many new I can’t moments: things like ‘I can’t leave the house’ or ‘I can’t see my grandparents’.  Despite this, I know that we have all found different ways to overcome these issues, showing great resilience along the way. 

Resilience is so important for everyone – please talk to your families to think of ways which you have all shown resilience through 2020 so far.  I’m sure you’ll have a long list!  Knowing that we can be resilient in difficult situations should give us all confidence for the future.  After the challenges of 2020, we really are ready for anything!

Best wishes

Mrs Austin

Headteacher’s message for parents/carers
Dear Parents/Carers,

This week has had an Olympics theme and children at home and at school have been working on different sporting challenges.  In school, I’ve seen Olympic medals and torches being created and one of my favourite activities was Year 5’s challenge to re-write a commentary to a classic Usain Bolt 100m race – great work!

We have also been working on our risk assessment and planning for our full opening to all children in September 2020.  Full details will be with you next week so that you have time to ask questions before the end of term.

As part of our transition work, we’re planning for next week’s online transition sessions for all children in current Years R-5.  Our online sessions for our new entrants to Reception have already taken place this week – it was lovely to meet them!  Next week’s sessions will take place on the afternoon of Friday 17th July - please see the notices section below for details of these sessions and how to book onto them.  Please note: the online transition sessions are for everyone to join from home: both children learning at home and those who would usually be at school.  In addition to these, for children learning at home, next week is the final week of pre-recorded and live video lessons with their current year group. If you have any queries about these sessions or difficulties with booking onto the transition sessions, please contact the school office for assistance.

Following next week’s focus on transition, the last three days of term, Monday 20th – Wednesday 22nd July, will have a whole-school project focus.  This means that for children learning at home, we won’t be setting separate work or lessons for each year group.  Instead, we will set project learning for everyone on the theme of ‘50 years of Tunbury’.  As you may already know, 2020 is the school’s 50th anniversary year and although we have had to postpone celebrations until the Autumn term, we would still like to mark this occasion now.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. Please take care of yourselves and your families.
Best wishes
Ruth Austin


Live Teams transition sessions to meet next year’s teacher: We will be holding our transition sessions online on the afternoon of Friday 17th July.  Each class will hold two 30 minute sessions with up to 15 pupils.  Each class has two sessions scheduled between 1.00 and 3.00.  The idea of the session is meet the new teacher, share some learning and talk briefly about the first topic of the new year. 

To book your child onto their session, you will need to use our online booking system, School Interviews.  Please log on to the system using the details below and select the relevant meeting.  Remember that you will need to select the new class your child will be going into in September.  You should receive an email confirming your bookings. If you do not see it appear, please check your junk mail folder.  You can alter your booking if necessary until closure on Wednesday 15th July, by re-entering your details on the original device you made the booking on.  Bookings are open from 1pm today (Friday 10th July) and will close at 1pm on Wednesday 15th July. 

School Interviews link: www.schoolinterviews.co.uk/
Unique booking code: twfmn

Once bookings have closed on Thursday 16th July, you will receive an email from the school containing the link to enable you to join the live meeting on Microsoft Teams.  You will need to click on this link on the day/time the meeting is taking place to join.  Please ensure you have the Teams app installed on your computer or mobile device.  We ask that you do not share this link with anyone else.

The best way to access the meeting will be from devices at home, which is why we have timetabled meetings to take place on a Friday afternoon.  If you are a Key Worker we would recommend that you collect your child at lunchtime, 1.05pm and book for a session at 1.30 or later.  If you have already arranged for your child to be in school on the afternoon of Friday 17th July, but can now arrange for your child to be collected early, please let the school office know by Thursday 16th July.  If your child needs to remain in school due to work commitments, we will try to ensure we have the equipment needed for them to access the live session.

New Pink class: due to Miss Hoile’s teaching commitments at her current school, she is unable to lead the Pink class session on Friday 17th.  Instead, she will be running an online session on Monday 20th July for members of the current Red class who are at home and leading a short session for those in school afterwards.

New Red class: There is only 1 live session for children in this class, as Miss Harman is already their current teacher.  The online live session is primarily for those children who are not currently attending school or are not in the current Owls bubble with Miss Harman.

Live sessions for children learning at home (for the current year group): Next week is our final week of these live sessions, with times as follows:


 End of term class sessions for the current Year 6 children: A final goodbye!
On Tuesday 21st July, we would like to join as a full class for one last time. This would be through Teams at the following times:
Crimson – 9am
Emerald – 9:15am
Violet – 9:30am
We aim for these meeting to last around 30-45 minutes. We would love for all children to be able to join; we will be discussing the transition to Year 7 and say our last goodbyes.
Please note: these sessions are for the whole class at the same time and no booking is required.  Year 6 parents will receive emails with the links to these sessions today.

Collecting belongings: To allow children’s belongings to be collected before the end of term we will be placing any remaining PE bags and belongings from trays on tables at the front of the school. We will make our best endeavours to make sure all their belongings are together. There will be two days allocated for each year group and classes will be labelled.  Please feel free to come and collect the items any time before 3.30pm on your set day, although we ask if possible to avoid the busy drop off and collection times. We also ask that you maintain social distancing guidance when on site.

Year 1 Monday 13/7/20 and Tuesday 14/7/20
Year R Wednesday 15/7/20 and Thursday 16/7/20

Medication: We still have some medication in school not collected e.g. Asthma inhalers. Please can all medication be collected before the end of term. Please contact the school office to make arrangements for collection.
Children’s end of year reports: If you would like to discuss the contents of your child’s report with their class teacher, please email the school office on office@tunbury.kent.sch.uk to make a telephone or video-conferencing appointment. Thank you.

Stay alert: Please remember that to keep everyone safe, we still need to follow the national guidance issued by the government.  Most importantly, remember that no-one should come to school if they have symptoms of Covid-19, which are the recent onset of any of the following:

•         A new continuous cough
•         A high temperature
•         A loss of, or change in, your normal sense of taste or smell

This applies to everyone – children, staff and parents/carers.  If a child in school displays any of these symptoms, we would move them away from others and contact you to come into school to collect them immediately.  We would also follow current advice from Public Health England on our next steps. 


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