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Weekly Bulletin: Friday 12th February 2021

Headteacher’s message to children at home 

Hello everyone 

Did you enjoy playing in the snow this week? After the first snowfall on Sunday, it just kept snowing didn’t it? As well as your home schooling, I hope that you have also had some fun with sledging, snowman making and snowballs! 

Enjoy your half term break and we look forward to seeing you in our live lessons and assemblies after half term. 

Best wishes

Mrs Austin 

Headteacher’s message to parents/carers 

Dear Parents/Carers, 

This term has been full of challenges – lockdown, remote learning and then snow! However, Tunbury Teamwork has got us through, thanks to many different people playing their part: 

Thank you to our brilliant Tunbury children, who have retained such positivity, enthusiasm and teamwork throughout the term. For those learning at home, thank you for turning up to your live lessons with a smile, ready to learn. For those learning in school, thank you for adapting to yet another version of ‘normal’ school life. 

Thank you to our wonderful site team for keeping the school open this week, despite the continued snow. Our cleaning team have been here early every morning, ready to make the school clean and safe. Our site manager Mr Arnold has ensured that safe access around the school site has remained possible, with many many hours of shovelling, sweeping and gritting.

Thank you to our magnificent office team, who have been the key to communication among the whole Tunbury community at this time. The increased amount of emails through the school office, as well as phone calls and queries about remote learning, loan laptops and technical issues, has meant that they have been extremely busy, even though we have a reduced number of children on site. 

Thank you to our dedicated kitchen staff and midday meals supervisors, who have been in school every day, including walking into school during this week’s snow, to make sure that children are fed, safe and happy at lunchtimes. 

Thank you to our amazing teaching assistants and teachers for being so professional, hardworking and multi-skilled. Every Tunbury teacher and TA has had a change of role this term, working with different children within their own year group, as well as coping with adjustments in school or the switch to remote learning. Also, as we haven’t used a rota system, this 6 week term has been the longest period that many of our staff have continuously worked at home - as I’m sure many parents also understand, this can be challenging for a whole range of reasons! 

Finally, thank you to our fabulous parents and carers for working with us this term. Teamwork between home and school is always important, but for those of you with children in remote education, it has been more important than ever. We really appreciate all the different ways in which you have been supporting your children’s learning, despite the many demands on your time and the challenges of lockdown learning. 

Have a lovely half term break everyone. Remember that we have an INSET day on Monday 22nd February, so the first day of term for all children is Tuesday 23rd February. 

Take care and stay safe. 

Best wishes

Ruth Austin


Online safety

Safer internet day 2021

On Tuesday this week, the children celebrated safer internet day 2021. As well as online assemblies, children were able to take part in a wealth of fun activities, both online and at school. Parents were encouraged to support their children, online, wherever possible and use the resources provided to start conversations around remaining safe online. Children were tasked with thinking about who and what they can trust when navigating the online world. Below is just a flavour of what the children experienced across the year-groups:

Year R read a story ‘Smarty the penguin’ looking at what you use the internet for, identifying pop-ups and always telling an adult if you are not sure of anything.

Year 1 read about ‘Detective Digi Duck’ and not giving out information online, linking this to stranger danger.

Year 2 looked at a wide range on online content and tried to decide if it was true or false information.

Year 3 had a discussion about the different ways in which children use the internet, focusing on how you can’t believe everything that you see or read online.

Year 4 looked at a wide range of scenarios that children might find themselves faced with online and wrote letters to fictional children explaining what they could do to help resolve the situation.

Year 5 created posters to explain online safety to younger members of the school community and played online detectives exploring how to research safely online, only using sources that you trust.

Year 6 held a discussion about how they could reduce their time online, linked to their use of social media and how this could affect their own mental health.

I have re-attached the safer internet day link below, if you have opportunity to discuss the content with your children I am sure that they will continue to build and develop their knowledge and understanding of a safe online platform that they continue to be able to trust.


Thank you for your continued support and I hope you have a restful half-term break.

Mr May, Online safety lead

Our Learning: Year 4

This term we have been discovering The Normans! We have learnt all about a Norman boy called Edwin and his journey to become a warrior. We began our topic by writing a persuasive letter to King Harold to encourage him to make the right decision for his army.

In addition, we developed our dialogue through writing a conversation between two very different characters. Following these lessons, we also developed character descriptions and wrote our own Battle Chants to prepare for the battle. Before reading the final chapters of the book we wrote our own versions of the battle. In our final week we have been working towards writing a non-chronological report based on The Battle of Hastings.

Overall we have learnt lots about The Battle of Hastings and a range of new skills to use within our writing.

In Science this term we have been finding out about the digestive system. We began by looking at the different types of teeth we have and what their uses are. We had a go at making a model jaw out of plasticine and moulding the incisors, canines, pre-molars and molars, which was trickier than we thought. Through research, we discovered that wisdom teeth had a function in humans going back to the Stone Age when food wasn’t as soft as it is nowadays. Today wisdom teeth have no function, although many adults have to have them removed as human jaws are smaller than they used to be thousands of years ago and so many people don’t have enough room in their mouths for them to come through.

In subsequent lessons we modelled the stomach, using a ziplock bag, orange juice to represent the stomach acid and bread so that we could see how the stomach acid breaks the food down.

Things got even more interesting the following week when we modelled the whole digestive system. We made a stomach again but this time we used Weetabix and a banana as the food. Once the ‘stomach acid’ had broken down the food it travelled into the intestines (tights). As we squeezed the mush through the intestines, water and nutrients were removed to go round the body to make us fit and healthy. We were then left with parts of the food which couldn’t be digested. To the delight (or horror) of the children, the waste material was then squeezed through the anus. Lots of squeals and laughter could be heard from Year 4 Bubble, just as well that the nearby classrooms were empty! For those working from home, I hope that those brave enough to try this out at home had as much fun and didn’t get into too much mess!


This week has seen us designing, making and evaluating our own version of a Motte and Bailey castle like the ones built quickly in Norman times before they had time to build more permanent stone castles such as the one in Rochester. We developed our Maths skills by creating nets of cubes and cuboids for buildings such as the blacksmiths, store house, keep and army barracks. Our measuring skills have also been developed allowing us to make buildings with greater accuracy.


In maths, we have been developing our knowledge of times-table facts and becoming more fluent when recalling multiplication facts from our 11 and 12 times-tables in order to solve problems. Once we had become more confident, we began using formal written methods to multiply 2–digit by 1-digit numbers before progressing to multiplying 3-digit by 1-digit numbers. 


We used our understanding of multiplication to divide up to 3 – digit by 1 – digit numbers using flexible partitioning and part – whole models. Once we felt comfortable using these methods, we began to find and record remainders.   

We are finishing our learning in maths this term by moving on to a Measure topic – finding the area of rectilinear shapes by counting squares. Using our knowledge of area, we have been able to draw a variety of shapes with an equivalent area and compare the area of different shapes.  


Covid-19: If you need to inform us of a positive Covid test result for children who have been attending school, please do so straight away. Over the half term holiday, please send an email to the school office office@tunbury.kent.sch.uk . In your message, please include the date of symptoms starting, the date of the test and your phone number. 

Please continue to follow all NHS and government advice to keep everyone in our school community as safe as possible: https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

Adults and children aged 5 and over who live or work in Kent can access symptom-free Covid testing at https://www.kent.gov.uk/social-care-and-health/health/protect-kent-and-medway/test-and-trace/symptom-free-testing 

Team Points: Huge congratulations to Hawking, who are the winners of the Team Points for Term 4. Well done blue team for your first victory this year – fabulous work! 









Remote learning information: As it is half term next week, we will not be sending our normal Friday afternoon emails today with details of home learning for the following week. These emails will be sent on Monday morning (22nd February), ready for the start of term on Tuesday (23rd February).

Entry and exit times: Please be on time for the 5-minute entry/exit slots for your year group. The times are now as follows.

Year Group

Entry Time

Collection Time


Year R

8.50 – 8.55

3.05 – 3.10

Playground gate

Year 1

8.40 – 8.45

3.10 – 3.15

Front gate

Year 2

8.45 – 8.50

3.15 – 3.20

Front gate

Year 3

8.40 – 8.45

3.10 – 3.15

Playground gate

Year 4

8.40 – 8.45

3.10 – 3.15

Side gate

Year 5

8.45 – 8.50

3.15 – 3.20

Playground gate

Year 6

8.45 – 8.50

3.15 – 3.20

Side gate

 Dates for your Diary 

Term Dates: https://www.tunbury.kent.sch.uk/Parents/Term-Dates-2020-2021/ 

Friday 12th February – last day of Term 3

Monday 22nd February – INSET DAY – no children in school

Tuesday 23rd February – children return to school for the start of Term 4

Parents’ evening now postponed – re-scheduled dates during Term 4 to be confirmed, depending on the government’s date for a full return to school for all children.

Thursday 1st April – last day of Term 4





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