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Weekly Bulletin: Friday 13th October 2023

Headteacher’s message to parents/carers

Dear Parents/Carers,

Lots to celebrate in school this week, including the first of our many enrichment days where the curriculum is really brought to life.  In Year 2’s ‘Inside the Toybox’ topic, children brought in special toys from home, including some very precious toys belonging to their parents or grandparents!  It was great to see children describing these toys with wonderful vocabulary, as well as understanding why toys are special and how toys have changed over time.  In Year 6’s ‘Ancient Greece’ topic, children had an activity day with a visiting expert, who returned in full armour for the afternoon session and taught children some Ancient Greek battle cries, which were quite effective (ie very scary).  All of our teachers and lots of children dressed up for the day and once again, we learned that Ancient Greek outfits are not very waterproof in torrential rain!

In Reception, our youngest children continue to thrive, showing fabulous enthusiasm for learning and great teamwork with their new school friends.  As part of our information for prospective New Entrants, we’ve just updated our prospectus and website information at Tunbury Primary School - New Entrants.  Please take a look at our brand new video of learning in our Reception classes, via our website or at: EYFS_Children on Vimeo

Next week, we’re looking forward to opening our doors to Tunbury parents/carers for the first of our Open Afternoons.  We look forward to seeing you all!  Please read the ‘Open Afternoon’ section below for full details.

Continuing on the theme of home/school partnership, we know that good communication is important to everyone in our school community.  We’re happy to say that this is often a strength recognised by Tunbury parents/carers in our annual surveys.  We are now looking to make our communication even better by using social media to share some of the brilliant things going on in our school.  To help us decide which social media channels we should use, please tell us your thoughts by filling in this quick online form.  Would you like to hear from us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other channels?  Please use the following link or QR code to express your preferences and views.  (This form will remain open until Monday 30th October.)


Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Best wishes,

Ruth Austin


Open Afternoons 

Next week, please come and visit us in school for our Autumn Term Open Afternoons.  Parents/carers are very welcome to come into school to see children in their classrooms – we want to share children’s learning with you and celebrate their successes so far this year!  Open Afternoons are such an effective way to experience learning in your child’s classroom, meet their key staff in school and get involved in their learning.  If you can join us, please come to the front gate of the school and wait outside the school office - we will then invite you in at 2.00.  After enjoying an hour of Tunbury learning, at 3.00 we’ll ask you to leave classrooms and move to the playgrounds for home-time collection as usual.  (The only exception to this is for Year R, we’ll invite you to help your child get ready for home time and then leave together from the classrooms at 3.00-3.10.) 

Year R Open Afternoon

Monday 16th Oct, 2.00-3.00

Phonics focus – exploring the different phonemes taught in EYFS

Year 1 Open Afternoon

Tuesday 17th Oct, 2.00-3.00

Science focus – making their own cress heads

Year 2 Open Afternoon

Tuesday 17th Oct, 2.00-3.00

History focus – exploring toys and making their own puppets

Year 3 Open Afternoon

Wednesday 18th Oct, 2.00-3.00

Geography focus – designing their own shop, following on from their fieldwork to Walderslade village

Year 4 Open Afternoon

Wednesday 18th Oct, 2.00-3.00

DT focus – creating their own Bayeux Tapestry

Year 5 Open Afternoon

Thursday 19th Oct, 2.00-3.00

History focus – exploring Viking artefacts

Year 6 Open Afternoon

Thursday 19th Oct, 2.00-3.00

DT focus – making a Greek Salad

As a reminder, our general guidance for Open Afternoons is as follows:

  • Families are not limited to one visitor per child, but please be mindful that classrooms will be very crowded.
  • Please do not use your mobile phone during Open Afternoons. Ideally, all mobiles should be switched off. Taking photos, sending messages or making calls is not allowed while in our school buildings.
  • If younger siblings come with you to Open Afternoon, we ask you to be responsible for making sure that they are well supervised and not disturbing others. School staff may ask you to leave the classroom if younger siblings are really noisy – thank you for your understanding.
  • There is no space for pushchairs or buggies in the classrooms, but you can leave these items in the playgrounds ready for you to collect at home time.

Our Learning Year 5

This week in Year 5 we have been learning about Mary Seacole as part of work for Black History Month. We have undertaken research about her incredible life and achievements and have written non-chronological reports to present our findings. 

We have also chosen to produce our Mary Seacole portraits in the style of Andy Warhol.


In other news, we have progressed with our DT project for the term; this week we have refined our Viking Tunic designs and sketched templates from which we will cut our fabric. Soon the sewing will begin!


Finally, a quick reminder that our upcoming Viking Day will take place on Monday 16th October. We cannot wait to spend a memorable day consolidating our learning from Term 1 and for some cooking in the forest of course! Dressing up is optional. 


Admissions for children starting school in September 2024: Tunbury welcomes children from both Kent and Medway addresses (about half from Kent and half from Medway).  All applications for school places should be made via your ‘home’ local authority. Online applications will open on Friday 3rd November for Kent residents and are already open for Medway residents.

Kent residents apply at www.kent.gov.uk/education-and-children/schools/school-places 
Medway residents apply at www.medway.gov.uk/admissions


In order to book onto these New Entrants events, please email us on our dedicated email address for admissions into Reception, which is newentrants@tunbury.kent.sch.uk . Please feel free to share these details with any friends or neighbours who are looking for a Reception school place for September 2024.  Thank you.

Uniform: In our new prospectus, we have updated the wording on earrings to make this clearer for parents/carers, children and staff.  It now says that ‘Earrings should be small, plain, round studs only and should be removed for PE.’  Thank you for helping us to uphold this, along with the rest of our uniform policy.  Children at Tunbury do look super smart in their school uniform, thanks to your support at home. 

Harvest Collection: Thank you so much for the generous donations to our Harvest collection this year.  We have a wonderful collection, which children should be really proud of.  Our goods are being collected by Medway Food Bank next Wednesday, so there’s still a little time to donate if you would like to do so.  Please refer to the Medway Food Bank ‘shopping list’ for suggestions of what to donate. 

Financial support for families with children on free school meals: KCC is to receive further Household Support Grant from the Government for the whole of the financial year 2023-24. KCC has decided that a significant proportion of this grant will be used to support families whose children receive income related free school meals. They will continue to fund supermarket vouchers in holiday periods for these families during this financial year. As a result a £10 per child Supermarket voucher will be issued to eligible families for the October break.  Also, there will be further support for energy costs very soon. 

Free school mealsIf your financial circumstances have changed recently, you may now be eligible for free school meals and Pupil Premium support.  A benefit of Pupil Premium funding is that this can be used to pay for the cost of your child’s school trips.  To check if you are eligible for Pupil Premium support, please visit www.kent.gov.uk/education-and-children/schools/free-school-meals#tab-1.  To apply, please visit www.cloudforedu.org.uk/ofsm/kent/.  

Flu Immunisation: Tuesday 21st November 2023 for Years R, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Please see the letter which was emailed last week and published in the Parents – Letters and Forms section of our website. Please note the e-consent portal closes on 15/11/23, 6 working days before our school’s immunisation session, and NHS cannot accept late consents or consents on the day of vaccination. 

If any parents/carers are having issues completing the online consent form, please call the immunisation team using one of the methods below:

Text chat: 07401320923
Live chat via website: family.kentcht.nhs.uk/imms
Email: kchft.cyp-immunisationteam@nhs.net
Telephone: 0300 123 5205

Weekly Class Attendance: This is a weekly feature on our bulletin to highlight and celebrate good levels of attendance. Well done to Blue Class with 100% attendance, taking top place for KS1. Followed by Amber class hitting top spot for a second week running for KS2, well done!     


Weekly Attendance Percentage











































 Team Points: Hawking have held on to their lead again this week – well done! 









Dates for your Diary 

Term dates for 2023/24: www.tunbury.kent.sch.uk/Parents/Term-Dates-23-24/

Term 1

Monday 16th October – Viking Day / Outdoor Cooking in school – Year 5 – pupils invited to dress up

Monday 16th October – Year R Open afternoon – 2-3pm

Tuesday 17th October – Year 1 and 2 Open afternoon – 2-3pm

Wednesday 18th October – Year 3 and 4 Open afternoon – 2-3pm

Thursday 19th October – Year 5 and 6 Open afternoon – 2-3pm

Thursday 19th October – Year 4 Norman Day NEW

Thursday 19th October – Last day of term for pupils

Thursday 19th October - Halloween Discos – Years R/1 3.15-4.15 pm, Years 2/3 4.45-5.45 pm,
                                                                                    Years 4/5/6 6.15-7.15pm

Friday 20th October – INSET Day – School closed for pupils

Term 2

Monday 30th October – Start of Term 2 for pupils

Monday 30th – 10th November – Bikeability Year 6

Thursday 2nd November – Parent Consultation evening 3.30 – 6.30pm

Thursday 2nd November – Outdoor Classroom day

Friday 3rd November 2023, 9.00, 9.45 and 10.30 – New Entrants School Tour

Tuesday 7th November – Parent consultation evening 3.30-6.30pm

Wednesday 8th November at 9.30am – New Entrants meeting

Saturday 11th November - Tunbury Laserfest – 4-6.30 pm

Monday 13th-Friday 17th – Anti-Bullying week

Tuesday 14th November 2023, 9.00, 9.45 and 10.30 – New Entrants School Tour

Wednesday 15th-17th November – Year 6 PGL Marchants Hill

Wednesday 15th November at 6.00pm – New Entrants meeting

Tuesday 21st November – Flu immunisations (Years R-6)

Wednesday 22nd-23rd November – Tempest Photography (Individual/sibling photos)

Saturday 25th November – TSA Christmas Fair and Grotto

Tuesday 28th/ Thursday 30th November - National Child Measurement Programme Year R/Year 6

Wednesday 29th November 2023, 9.00, 9.45 and 10.30 – New Entrants School Tour

Monday 4th December – Astro Dome Year 5

Tuesday 5th – Thursday 7th December – TSA Christmas Present Room

Wednesday 6th December – Year R Nativity – 2.30pm

Friday 8th December – Christmas Jumper Day and Lunch

Monday 11th December 2023, 9.00, 9.45 and 10.30 – New Entrants School Tour

Tuesday 12th December – Year 2 Nativity – 2.30pm

Wednesday 13th December Year 1 Nativity – 2.30pm

Thursday 14th December – Year 3&4 Carols on the playground – 2.50pm

Friday 15th December – Year 5&6 Carols on the playground – 2.50pm

Friday 15th December – Last day of term for pupils

Term 3

Tuesday 2nd January – School Closed – INSET DAY

Wednesday 3rd January – Start of Term 3 for pupils

Thursday 18th January – Young Voices at the O2 (KS2 Singing Club)

Friday 2nd February – NSPCC Number Day

Tuesday 6th February – Safer Internet Day

Friday 9th February – Last day of term for pupils

Term 4

Monday 19th February – School Closed – INSET DAY

Tuesday 20th February – Start of Term 4 for pupils

Thursday 22nd February – Parent Consultation evening – 3.30-6.30pm

Tuesday 27th February – Parent Consultation evening – 3.30-6.30pm

Monday 11th-15th March – British Science Week

Thursday 28th March – Last day of term for pupils

Term 5

Monday 15th April – Start of Term 5 for pupils

Monday 6th May – BANK HOLIDAY – School Closed

Monday 13th-Thursday 16th May – KS2 SATS Week Year 6

Friday 17th May – Outdoor Learning Day

Friday 24th May – Last day of term for pupils

Term 6

Monday 3rd June – School Closed – INSET DAY

Tuesday 4th June – Start of Term 6 for pupils

Tuesday 4th-7th June – STEAM Week

Monday 3rd June-14th June – Multiplication Times Tables Check Year 4

Monday 10th June-Friday 14th June – Phonics Screening – Year 1

Friday 28th June – Sports Day (KS2 am, family picnic at lunchtime, FS/KS1 pm)

Friday 5th July – Reserve Sports Day

Tuesday 23rd July – Last day of term 

Class assemblies 

Class assemblies will be held in the school hall on Friday afternoons.  Parents/carers and family members from each class are warmly invited to join us in school for these events, as our children love to share their learning with you.  Please come to the front of the school and wait outside the hall entrance doors. You will be invited in at approximately 2.45pm.  The assembly will begin at 2.50pm and last for about 10 minutes, finishing in time for you to collect your children at the end of the school day, as normal.

Friday 10th November – Scarlet Class Assembly

Friday 17th November – Indigo Class Assembly

Friday 24th November – Sapphire Class Assembly

Friday 1st December – Amber Class Assembly

Friday 8th December – Emerald Class Assembly

Friday 12th January – Blue Class Assembly

Friday 19th January – Turquoise Class Assembly

Friday 26th January – Crimson Class Assembly

Friday 2nd February – Violet Class Assembly

Friday 9th February – Azure Class Assembly

Friday 1st March – Orange Class Assembly

Friday 8th March – Ruby Class Assembly

Friday 15th March – Lavender Class Assembly

Friday 22nd March – Pink Class Assembly

Friday 26th April – Magenta Class Assembly

Friday 3rd May – Lilac Class Assembly

Friday 10th May – Yellow Class Assembly

Friday 24th May – Red Class Assembly

Friday 7th June – Bears Class Assembly

Friday 14th June – Hedgehogs Class Assembly

Friday 21st June – Owls Class Assembly



Welcome to Term 4

The last day of Term 4 is Thursday 28th March 2024

The first day of Term 5 for pupils is Monday 15th April 2024 

(Monday 3rd June 2024 is an INSET Day, School is closed for pupils)