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Tunbury Primary

Weekly Bulletin: Friday 23rd June 2023

Headteacher’s message to parents/carers

Dear Parents/Carers,

Thank you to our parents who joined us in Pink, Orange and Lavender classes this week for our Year 2 Open Afternoon, where children made Fruit Creations as part their Design Technology curriculum.  Look at these fabulous creations!  It was a pleasure to see so many parents joining us, so thank you for showing your interest and support for your children’s learning.  Next week, we have our Year 3 Open Afternoon on Thursday 29th June.


Sports Day is on Friday next week, Friday 30th June.  It will run in a similar way to the 2022 Sports Day, as we received really positive feedback on this from parents/carers/visitors last year.  The only thing you felt we could improve was a louder sound system so that you could all hear me, so we’ve acted on this feedback and hired something bigger this year… hopefully it will do the job!  Please see the notices section for full details of timings for Sports Day.

Today, in preparation for Sports Day, we have held house team meetings at the end of Friday whole-school break.  Children from each house team gathered together in one corner of the field for a pre-Sports Day speech from their Year 6 House Captains, who did a great job at rousing and uniting their teams.

Exciting news: our brand new TSA-funded Gazebo is now open!  This provides some extra share on the field and also acts as a base which classes can use for outdoor learning, or just to read a story together at the end of the day.  A huge thank you to our TSA for organising this project and of course, raising the funds through recent events like the fireworks and Christmas market. 


Don’t forget, our TSA Summer Fair is tomorrow, from 1pm-4pm.  Please join us for a fun-filled afternoon – we have games, stalls, bouncy castles and refreshments, so it should be a fantastic occasion for the whole family.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Best wishes

Ruth Austin


Year 5 news

We have partridge eggs in Year 5 at the moment, as part of a conservation project as they are on the Red List in the UK due to their dwindling numbers.  Once they leave us, they will be taken to one of 6 secret reserves somewhere in the country, where they will kept until they have matured and then in September they will be released into the wild.  Year 5 are very excited as next week they will be able to hold a chick.  


This project fits in really well with our Rainforest Rescue topic, and although we aren't releasing the partridges into the depth of the Amazon Rainforest, we are playing our part in the conservation of an endangered species in our country.


Sports Day:  Here is an overview of our plan for Sports Day on Friday 30th June:



9:35 – 10:00

Playground gate opens for KS2 parents to enter


9:50 – 11:30

KS2 Sports Day  (for all children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6)

This will be ‘round-robin’ Sports Day events, with children from each year group all participating simultaneously in different zones of the field.  Following this, there will be races on our track, before our KS2 Sports Day cup is awarded to the winning team.



KS2 children return to class with class teachers to go to toilet and wash hands for lunch


11:30 – 11:45

Playground gate opens for parents to enter/exit


11:45 – 12:30

Family Picnic on the field for all children and families - please join us!


Families will be able to sit together on the field – please bring your picnic blankets and food (no footballs/frisbees, BBQs, alcohol). You can bring picnic food as a whole family or send children in with their own packed lunches to eat with you.


·         FS/KS1 children collected from classrooms

·         KS2 children brought out on to field by teachers to join their families or staff-supervised picnic.  Parents to collect them from the arena (inside the roped off area).


School meals on this day will be ‘Picnic Bags’. The kitchen are able to provide your child with a picnic bag but they must be pre-ordered in advance.  Today is the last day for pre-ordering of picnic bags.  Children who do not have family members present will be supervised by school staff during lunchtime.  

12:30 – 1:00

A bell will be rung – all children to return to classrooms.


12:30 – 1:00

Playground gate opens for parents to enter/exit



FS/KS1 Sports Day (for all children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2)

This operates in the same way as for KS2: ‘round-robin’ Sports Day events, with children from each year group all participating simultaneously in a different zone of the field.  Following this, there will be races on our track before our KS1 Sports Day cup is awarded to the winning team.


FS/KS1 children return to class



Playground gates and side gates open for parents to enter/exit



Optional early collection for all children, using normal home time arrangements. This should be at around 2.45, but will happen 15 minutes after the end of FS/KS1 Sports Day.  Year 5/6 children will not be allowed to walk home by themselves at this time – they can only leave early if they are collected.


Normal home time arrangements for remaining children


After school clubs (Dodgeball) will not run on Sports Day.

Children will bring their PE kit home before Sports Day.  On Sports Day, children should come to school wearing their PE kit, including their PE t-shirt in their House Team colour.  They will wear their PE kit all day and do not need to bring their school uniform as well.  On the day, please ensure your child has sun cream on and has a hat.

Toilet facilities for our visitors on Sports Day (parents/carers, family members and any pre-school children) will be our two portaloos, which we have hired again for the day and will be situated in the lower car park, by Forest School.

We are of course hoping for lovely weather next Friday, but we do have a Reserve Sports Day which is now Thursday 13th July.

Class Photos: On Monday 26th June, Tempest Photographers will be in school to take class photos. If you do not want your child to be included in the class photo, please will you contact the school office to let us know. 

Weekly Class Attendance: This is a weekly feature on our bulletin to highlight and celebrate good levels of attendance. Sapphire Class & Crimson Class take over joint top spot this week for KS2 with Lavender Class for KS1. Well done! 


Weekly Attendance Percentage











































Team Points: Our Team Point totals are as follows. Holmes team are holding their lead – well done! 









 Dates for your Diary 

Term dates for 2022/23: www.tunbury.kent.sch.uk/Term-Dates-22-23/

Term dates for 2023/24: www.tunbury.kent.sch.uk/Parents/Term-Dates-23-24/

Saturday 24th June – TSA Summer Fair 1pm – 4pm

Monday 26th June – Class photos

Thursday 29th June – Year 3 Open Afternoon, Science investigations – Main hall or field 2pm

Friday 30th June – Sports Day – timings

KS2 Sports Day 9.50-11.30

                Family Picnic 11.45-12.30

                FS/KS1 Sports Day 1.00-2.30

                Optional Early collection 2.45

Wednesday 5th July – NEU Strike Day NEW

Thursday 6th July – Whole-school transition day, with Open Classroom sessions for new Y1-6, 3.15-3.45 

Friday 7th July – NEU Strike Day NEW

Monday 10th July – Year 5 Open Afternoon, Art in the style of Henri Rousseau – classrooms 2pm

Tuesday 11th July - Meet the Teacher 9:00am Year 2

Tuesday 11th July - Meet the Teacher 2:30pm Year 6

Wednesday 12th July - Meet the Teacher 9:00am Year 1

Wednesday 12th July – Year R Open Afternoon, Cooks and Books – Main hall 2pm

Wednesday 12th July – Year 4 Open Afternoon, Survival Shelters – Classrooms 2pm
Thursday 13th July – Reserve Sports Day NEW 

Thursday 13th July - Meet the Teacher 9:00am Year 3

Thursday 13th July – Year 6 Open Afternoon, Afternoon Tea – Main hall 2 pm

Friday 14th July - Meet the Teacher 9:00am Year 4

Monday 17th July - Meet the Teacher 9:00am Year 5

Wednesday 19th July – Year 6 Production 2pm and 6:30pm 

Thursday 20th July – IRock performance for parents – 9 am

Friday 21st July - Year 6 Leavers’ Assemblies NEW

                                Violet class – 9.00 am
                                Emerald class – 9.45 am
                                Crimson class – 10.30 am

Friday 21st July – Last day of term/academic year for pupils



Welcome to Term 1

Reminder: Friday 20th October is an INSET DAY - school is closed for pupils