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Weekly Bulletin: Friday 27th March 2020

Headteacher’s message for children at home

Hello everyone 

I hope that your first week of ‘Home School’ has been fun! I know that it will be very different to your normal school life. Can you think of some things that are the same? Are there some things that you have really enjoyed? 

Please remember that even though everything is different, we are still a Tunbury team. Can you remember what the letters T E A M stand for? Do you think that this is still true, even at the moment? I am still thinking about you all and trying hard to make everything work for you and your families. Also, your teachers are still your teachers! Although they are not with you, they are still interested in the learning you are doing at home. You can communicate with them using Tapestry (for Bears, Owls and Hedgehogs – ask your grown-up to help you with this) or using Purple Mash (for all other classes). 

Thank you for doing your best to carry on with your learning this week. Also, I’m sure that you have tried really hard to be kind. With everything being different, we really need to help each other - did you do any acts of kindness this week? Maybe you helped your grown-ups, brothers or sisters. Some grown-ups are trying to help their neighbours too, because vulnerable people do need extra support at the moment. 

I’ll send another message to you next week. Have a lovely weekend! 

Best wishes

Mrs Austin

Headteacher’s message for parents/carers at home

Thank you for helping your children with their learning at home this week. I would guess that at times it’s been challenging, but I hope that there have also been some special moments of family time. As you can see, I have altered the format of our weekly bulletin – please help me by sharing the above message with your children. 

Over the past week, we have received many messages of thanks and support throughout our school community. It’s great to hear that our work and regular communication with you is appreciated. Thank you for your support too - I know that we’re all doing our very best to adapt to the current situation, whatever our role. 

Most Tunbury staff are now working at home and teachers are providing you with regular updates on home learning. As a reminder, new learning is provided three times a week, by 9am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (during term time only) at: 








Have a restful weekend if you can - please take care of yourselves and your families. 

Ruth Austin Headteacher

Headteacher’s message for parents/carers of children at school

Thank you for returning your parent forms and employer certification forms. We understand that you are all thinking carefully about sending your children into school and only doing so if this is absolutely necessary. 

This is important because coming to school does increase the risk to yourself, your children and school staff, even if you fit the key worker/vulnerable child categories. With this is mind, when you come into the school grounds please continue to follow social distancing procedures and stay at least 2m apart from others. We are also implementing social distancing during the school day, although DfE guidance recognises that this is harder to maintain for very young children. To help with this, we are using two class groupings even though the number of children in school is low (15 today). We are also maintaining regular handwashing for everyone within school. Most classrooms/areas of the school have now been deep cleaned and will no longer be used during the closure period. The areas still open to children and staff are being cleaned regularly. 

We hope that despite everything, your children have enjoyed their experiences in school this week. Children have been extremely adaptable, working with different teachers and teaching assistants each day, but maintaining a positive attitude throughout. We have also seen some lovely examples of older and younger children working together – teamwork in action! 

At Tunbury we endeavour to do everything we can to support our families, so this week, we have been talking to key worker parents regarding school-based childcare provision during the Easter holidays. Thank you to those that have spoken to Mr Taylor or myself about this. Having reviewed the information, we do have a very small number of parents who have an acute level of need for emergency childcare due to the coronavirus crisis. These are parents who are critical key workers (eg frontline NHS staff, police officers) who are being redeployed, have had leave cancelled or shifts extended and for whom both/all adults within the household are key workers and whose normal childcare arrangements are not viable (eg as childminders/holiday clubs are closed and elderly/vulnerable extended family members are not able to help). 

If this describes your situation and you have not already spoken to us by phone, please do so – I am available to talk to you today on 01634 863085. If you can’t do this today, please leave a message on the school answerphone over the weekend and we will call you back. We will be speaking individually to parents about Easter holiday provision, with details finalised on Monday. Unlike our partial opening during term-time, any holiday provision will be available only through individual consultation, so please talk to us now, as the school office (phone and email) may not be operational after Wednesday 1st April. 

Our school kitchen will remain open serving meals until the end of term (Wednesday 1st April). However, we have just heard from our catering provider that they are withdrawing their service after this date in order to allow their staff to remain at home. This means that from Thursday 2nd April until further notice, any children in school will need to bring in a packed lunch, snack and water bottle. 

Have a restful weekend if you can - please take care of yourselves and your families. 

Ruth Austin Headteacher 


Swattenden: We sorry to have to confirm that the Year 4 trip to Swattenden, due to take place on 29th April, is now cancelled. We’re currently in touch with the Swattenden centre about our next steps and we’ll have more information for Year 4 parents on this after the Easter break.

Online safety: It seems likely that all of our children are now using the internet more than they normally would. Please be particularly mindful of online safety at this time – supervise any online activities and have regular conversations with your children about this. For further advice, please visit https://www.saferinternet.org.uk/advice-centre/parents-and-carers

SEN/AEN message from Miss Byrne: I hope everyone is safe and well. We now have an SEN / AEN page on the Tunbury Primary School Website, where you can access SEN / AEN home learning and also advice on supporting children with additional needs during Covid-19 (https://www.tunbury.kent.sch.uk/SEN-AEN/) . Also, Widget Communicate in Print are offering free online access to parents at https://bit.ly/2QGH1f7 . This resource can be used to create resources at home in symbols, such as visual time tables and visual supports.

School Crossing Patrol: Please note that the School Crossing Patrol will not be on duty throughout the closure period.

Salus workshops: During the summer term, we had planned for Year 5 and 6 children to work with Salus on a range of in-school workshops. These are now cancelled, but Salus are still providing a range of online virtual youth sessions for children and young people aged 8-19. For details please visit https://salusgroup.org.uk/virtual-youth-sessions/

Free School Meals: KCC have informed us that some parents in the County have been approached via text and/or e-mail in relation to Free School Meal arrangements in light of Covid-19 (Coronavirus). We understand parents have been asked to provide their bank details and personal information about children who are eligible, including names and dates of birth, with a promise that money will be sent to them directly.
This information is not accurate.  
Further information will be available from government later in the week which will confirm it is the school who will be managing the voucher system in consultation with a government’s identified provider. Therefore, please do not respond to any messages you receive unless they come directly from the school.

Can we also take this time to remind you to be aware of anyone who contacts you either directly or via social media offering services for your family in these difficult times.   Unless you can trust them, you should not be sharing personal information related to you or your family as it may not be used in the manner you would have hoped.  


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