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Tunbury Primary

Weekly Bulletin: Wednesday 1st April 2020

Messages for children at home

Hello everyone 

I hope that you have enjoyed week two of ‘Home School’. I expect that you and your families are getting used to it now and finding new ways to work together. 

We are missing you all in school – can you imagine what the empty classrooms, playgrounds and hall feel like? Just imagine how quiet the lunch hall is with just 15 children here today! I’m not sure how long we’ll be in this situation, but I’m really looking forward to a time in the future when we can all be together again. 

In the meantime, I hope that you have a lovely Easter holiday. Apparently the Easter Bunny (and the Tooth Fairy) are still able to work even in these difficult times, so hopefully you’ll still have some Easter Eggs! 

Best wishes

Mrs Austin 


Hello everyone 

I do hope this message finds you safe and well at home. I have been looking at the learning tasks and messages from your teachers on the website and it has been lovely to read their messages to you and see the interesting tasks they are setting you to try at home. I know some of you have been emailing with your teachers through Purple Mash too. I have still been busy working and have been supporting my own children with their learning at home too. I am in school today and it feels very strange without you all here. I miss seeing your smiling faces every day and chatting with you on the playground…I even miss my Year 6 writing group! 

Enjoy your Easter Holidays as best you can! 

Keep safe J

Mrs Smith

Headteacher’s message for parents/carers

Dear Parents/Carers 

Thank you for your ongoing support during this time - I know that everyone is doing their very best to adapt to a challenging set of circumstances. It’s a short bulletin today, but I know it’s important for us to keep in touch with you throughout this period, even more so than in a ‘normal’ world. 

During Easter, the government have asked schools to remain open as part of the national coronavirus response. At Tunbury, we are keen to play our part and support the families who need us, so we are remaining open over the Easter holidays. After a process of consultation, we have now been in touch with critical key worker families in acute need of emergency childcare over Easter, making individual arrangements with them for how this will work. 

For parents/carers supporting children at home, well done and thank you! I know you’ll have many demands on your time, but thank you for supporting your children’s learning - anything and everything you can do will make a difference. Our next Home Learning will be published on the school website on the first day of the new term, Thursday 16th April. 

Have a lovely Easter break everyone. Please take care of yourselves and your families. 

Ruth Austin



School Kitchen: Today is the last day that the school kitchen is operational. Any children attending school after today will need to bring a packed lunch, snack and water bottle.

Free School Meals: We have just received details from the DfE on how we can provide vouchers to eligible families (those in receipt of benefits related free school meals). We will be sending an email via schoolcomms to these parents, asking you to verify your email addresses so that we’re able to send the vouchers directly to you. You will then be able to use your voucher to redeem an eCode to buy food in a supermarket. Please note, this is for term time only and the first vouchers will be sent after the Easter break.

Swattenden: We sorry to have to confirm that the Year 4 trip to Swattenden, due to take place on 29th April, is now cancelled. We’re currently in touch with the Swattenden centre about our next steps and we’ll have more information after the Easter break.

Year 3 visit to Kent Life: Refunds for this visit will be processed after the Easter break. We apologise for the delay.



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