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At Tunbury, our Physical Education (PE) curriculum develops children’s perseverance, determination and motivation whilst demonstrating excellent sportsmanship at all times.  We develop opportunities where children can become confident in a way which supports their health and fitness – both physically and mentally.  Through our curriculum organisation, we strive to promote our Tunbury character values of resilience, teamwork, independence and leadership.  Our curriculum aims to ensure children understand the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through the implementation of a broad range of physical activities.

Using a sports-centred curriculum, we cover a variety of sports in which children are able to build on their knowledge and skills progressively through the Key Stages.  Children are equipped with the vocabulary and ability to collaborate, communicate and compete with each other by learning to apply these skills to the appropriate games.  We teach net and wall games, invasion games, striking and fielding games, athletics and outdoor and adventurous activities.  In addition, children will also participate in dance and gymnastic lessons; knowledge and skills in these areas are also developed through a cohesive and progressive curriculum structure. 

A ten-week swimming programme is provided for all children in Year 4, during which they are taught to:

  • swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres
  • use a range of strokes effectively [for example, front crawl, backstroke and breaststroke]
  • perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations.

We aspire to develop a real passion for sport across the school and encourage all children to retain the motivation and drive to succeed within lessons, festivals and tournaments.  We recognise that sporting values should underpin all learning in PE and endeavour to teach all children to show respect for their competitors.  In fact, PE lessons allow children to develop and demonstrate understanding of all four Tunbury behavioural expectations: ready, respectful, safe and fair.  PE therefore has a significant impact on our children’s wider personal development, as well as their health, fitness and participation.

 Pupil voice - what do Tunbury learners think about PE?

Y1 pupil: “PE lessons make me feel happy.”

Y4 pupil: “I love PE because I love sports and fitness. It helps you to keep fit and healthy.”

Y5 pupil: “PE is definitely one of my favourite lessons because you’re doing something fun, running around, getting the blood pumping!”

Tunbury PE Curriculum Overview and PE Curriculum Progression

Please view our curriculum documentation to see how we have chosen to teach PE at Tunbury Primary School.

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Welcome to Term 4

The last day of Term 4 is Thursday 28th March 2024

The first day of Term 5 for pupils is Monday 15th April 2024 

(Monday 3rd June 2024 is an INSET Day, School is closed for pupils)