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Phonics at Tunbury Primary School

At Tunbury Primary School, we are aware that in order to give your child the best start, it is important for home and school to work together. To support your child in becoming an effective and confident reader, we hope to work closely with you to develop their knowledge of phonics (letter sounds) to enable them to decode different words they come across.

At Tunbury we follow the phonics scheme Letters and Sounds, with the aim to be moving over to the new government approved scheme Essential Letters and Sounds. This supports our teaching of the phonic sounds and sequence of teaching. Every child in Reception, Year 1 and the beginning of Year 2 receives a daily phonics lesson, comprising of 4 elements: Revisit, teach, practice and apply.

Due to recent government guidance, your child will bring home a reading book that is completely decodable at their current phonics level. This means that your child should be comfortable and able to read the whole book independently with support. Rather than the book they bring home being a challenge, it should be a fluent read that increases their confidence. Your child will have the opportunity to bring a book home every week, for them to read to you at least 3 times; 1st to decode, 2nd for fluency and 3rd for comprehension.

We do not use a scheme for reading at Tunbury, we have a range of texts that are currently colour banded, which we then group in KS1 into phonic sets. By sourcing our books from different publishers, we are able to offer a greater variety of genres whilst still ensuring the books are at the correct level. These books are used to support children to improve their fluency and confidence with reading.

They are also free to read widely at home either by themselves or with the support of an adult from a wider range of sources. This could include comics, picture books, information books or even enjoying a bedtime story read to them. Please remember to record any time your child reads to you in their reading record.


Details of our new entrants tours for September 2022 Reception Intake are available on the home page and 'New Entrants' tab. 


Reminder: Tuesday 4th January 2022 is an INSET day.