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Our world is immensely diverse and complex, with a wealth of different views and beliefs in contemporary British society.  Through high-quality learning in Religious Education (RE), children engage in systematic enquiry into significant human questions which religions and worldviews address.  Our inclusive approach to RE enables our children to develop respect and makes a unique contribution to their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.  A good knowledge and understanding of different worldviews ensures that our children are ready to make a meaningful contribution to their community and show empathy towards others.

We use research, discussion, presentation and an enquiry based approach to develop children’s understanding of different world religions in depth.  Through themed units, our children construct an increasingly detailed knowledge of a range of values and beliefs.  This is further supported through opportunities to visit places of worship, examine artefacts and hold conversations with faith leaders within our local community.

Learning from religions is relevant to all children, regardless of their own religious or non-religious background.  It helps children to apply the meaning and significance of religious ideas to their own lives.

Our learning journey allows for the development of higher-level reasoning and reflection skills equipping children with the ability to consider and answer “big questions” such as:

  • Why do people pray?
  • What do religions say to us when life gets hard?
  • Why do some people think that life is a journey?

Pupil voice - what do Tunbury learners think about RE?

Y2 pupil: “We learned that God was brave because he let his son go on the cross.”

Y3 pupil: “I like learning about prayers because they may have different words that you don’t know.”

Y5 pupil: “RE is interesting because it’s intriguing to know about other people’s beliefs.”

Tunbury RE Curriculum Overview and RE Curriculum Progression

Please view our curriculum documentation to see how we have chosen to teach RE at Tunbury Primary School.

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Welcome to Term 4

The last day of Term 4 is Thursday 28th March 2024

The first day of Term 5 for pupils is Monday 15th April 2024 

(Monday 3rd June 2024 is an INSET Day, School is closed for pupils)